4 + 1: Refurbished rescue vehicles ready to got to Ukraine

The ambulances will go to Ukraine this weekend, the fire truck will follow at the end of May.

The Dagblad van het Noorden, Friesche Dagblad and Leeuwarder Courant, together with Hope4Ukraine from Leeuwarden, has purchased four ambulances and a fire truck for Ukraine.

By working together with other organizations, it is possible to do more with the proceeds from this charity campaign. The ambulances will go to Ukraine this weekend, the fire truck will follow at the end of May.

Second Image from left to right: Evert van Dijk en Martin Nijhuis from Mediahuis Noord, Peter Willem de Jong from Hope4Ukraine and René Pol from Special Trucks Parts in Annen

This is what the newspaper is writing about Special Truck Parts and its CEO René Pol:

“Ambulance doctor Rene Pol is doing it again. The man from Annen refurbishes ambulances so they can get a second life. Pol sells the vehicles to relief organizations that take them to war zones. In the parking lot at Breeland, in addition to ambulances, there is also a fire truck ready to go to Ukraine.”

This time, a fire truck is also included. Special, Pol explains. “We did deliver more than 100 ambulances to Ukraine last year. We have delivered a few fire trucks, but this is actually the first rescue vehicle, for relief, with the right tools.” […]

Pol buys the ambulances from Dutch or foreign ambulance services. He cleans the cars, checks that everything is technically in order and puts the necessary equipment inside. Although he doesn’t do it completely voluntarily, he puts in a lot of extra work. “Sometimes you help collect materials together. For example, we have contact with the UMCG and the ambulance service. We put that in boxes and put it in the cars. That’s just extra help, so to speak.”

Read the whole news and watch the report (in Dutch):

➡️ Dagblad van het Noorden


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