DENTAL-LANCE – Ambulance for mobile dentistry

Ambulance for mobile dentistry

It looks like a normal ambulance from outside but you won’t guess what’s inside – a fully equipped dental surgery.

Special circumstances require special ideas and vehicles. Therefore, STP helped to realize a dental surgery on wheels for the foundations LUkraine asbl and  Zeilen van Vrijheid.

Statement from medical service staff

Statement from a medical serivce staff in the war zone in Ukraine: „Today the car was tested. Thank you very much!! It is VERY, VERY necessary now here in Ukraine – both for the military, who have been in the trenches for a year and a half (and the vacation period is only 10 days a year) as well as for people in near front-line zone, where russian missiles are destroying everything they can reach – all medicine.“

Supporting LUkraine Humanitarian Mission

We are happy to be a partner for LUkraine Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine initiated by LUkraine asbl.

We had the possibilty to contribute to the mission with an ambulance that looks normal from outside but from inside it is a fully equipped dental surgery.

➡️ Short video of the special ambulance: DENTAL-LANCE – Ambulance for mobile dentistry



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