Second life for Dutch ambulances and fire trucks in Ukraine

TV Reportage on RTL Nieuws

Since the war in the Ukraine, the phone no longer stands still, because the demand for ambulances and fire trucks is huge. The TV reportage shows how critical the situation in Ukraine is and how STP and aid organizations trying to support. 

TV reportage about ambulances for Ukraine

Aid organizations are searching for fully equipped vehicles. In the ambulances are medical equipment like respirators, emergency balloons, defibrillators and stretcher facilities.

The situation in Ukraine is very critical. Many ambulances are destroyed. They are bombed and shot. The paramedics and the doctors are going in very difficult situations to the frontlines. And they need basically to evacuate the people and they need to help the people at the frontline.

Special Truck Parts is trying to make everything possible to help the aid organizations. The national television news service in the Netherlands RTL Nieuws accompanied the handover of the vehicles in a TV reportage. Zeilen Van Vrijheid, a foundation to deliver ambulances with medical and humanitarian to Ukraine initiated the convoy to Ukraine. All the ambulances come fully equipped to save lives.

Link to RTL nieuws:

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