Turning a coach into an ambulance bus

Saving six lives at once in the Ukraine?

Saving six lives at once in the Ukraine? With this mega-ambulance it is now possible. You may not expect that from such a bus. This mega-ambulance for war victims in Ukraine is a specificity.

What will fit in there? The ambulance bus can transport up to six people on stretchers. Additionally, six wheelchair places are installed. And there is a lot of storage for medical equipment.

The idea was born together with Toine Janssen from AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord. Janssen realized a similar project during the Corona crises when hospitals were overcrowded and people had to be transported.

All the stretchers and wheelchairs can be secured thanks to a railing system. This ambulance bus complies with all relevant European regulation for emergency transports.

Fully loaded with bandages, medicines and medical equipment, the ambulance bus will soon be handed over to the aid organizations: 4M Nederland, Team Humanity, 050 poor Humanity

The whole project could be realized in only a few weeks thanks to many helping hands: Drenthe Tours B.V., AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord

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